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Chocolate Adventure

Chocolate Adventure parties are deliciously easy, require little planning and are a great way to combine your love of chocolate and socialising.

Delicious samples and warm fondue are just the beginning to parties where the demonstration is wrapped up beautifully within an hour.

Parties are repeatable for all sorts of celebrations – bridal showers, birthdays or Friday drinks.

Special occasion parties create tantalisingly sweet memories. Invitations anticipated by friends, family, colleagues and partners.

Ten percent of party sales go towards your order.

Hold your party at home or a preferred venue.

Ready to throw a party… or know someone who is?

Becoming a presenter helps you combine a love for chocolate with the most rewarding party plan experience around. No experience required, just your flair for showing off chocolate.

Party plan is an established way of doing business in Australia. And we have just made it easier. Hosts invite friends and relatives. They share in delicious new ways of experiencing chocolate whilst having fun, and you reap the rewards.

Australians eat over 6kg of chocolate each year. So it’s no wonder our products sell themselves. And unlike other parties, it is the most irresistable consumable. meaning heaps of repeat business.

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