Film Positive or Negative



produced up to A2 size in positive and negative format.

Used for screen printing & various other uses.

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Pricing Guide:
• All prices include GST
• Positive or Negative Film (emultion up or down) – Most Common sizes listed.

A4 Sheet$48
A3 Sheet$78
A2 Sheet$85
Max Sheet (1000mm x 450mm)$100


With positive platemaking and conventional printing plate production, a positive film is used as the original, that is, the non-translucent, blackened sections of the film correspond to the ink-accepting surface elements on the plate.

In the case of negative platemaking with “negative plates” a negative film is used as an original, that is, the ink-accepting image areas of the printing plate correspond to the translucent, light areas on the film. The light-sensitive coating is hardened on the printing plate by light, so that it stays in place after the developing process, as opposed to the unexposed areas, which are removed.

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